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Dental Laboratory in Barcelona

We are a new dental prosthesis Laboratory, in process, in the center of Barcelona.


Cad / cam dental prosthetic laboratory

Our facilities have the most advanced Cad / Cam technology on the market to produce as efficiently and quickly as possible. We have dry and wet milling machines to be able to mill all kinds of materials in the most efficient way, as well as our own scanner and 3D printer.

dental cad cam milling

Specialized in dental prostheses

In the dental prosthetic laboratory we manufacture all kinds of prosthetic constructions:

Fixed prostheses:

  • Anatomical and reduced caps.
  • Crowns with a metal or zirconia core and also monolithic.
  • Bridges and full arches on stumps.
  • Aesthetic veneers.
  • Inlays and onlays or inlays.
  • Direct metal or zirconium implants with interface.
  • Milled Provisionals.
  • Passive fit and aesthetic tests on milled resin.
  • Bars on implants.

Removable Prosthetics:

  • Complete prostheses.
  • Partial prostheses.
  • Discharge plates.
  • Provisional.
  • Orthodontic plates.
  • Hybrid prostheses.
  • Overdentures .

Materials used in the prosthetic workshop

To achieve our objectives we only work with the best materials on the market in order to reach the desired high aesthetic level:

  • Vita
  • Ivoclar

Our professionals: Dental technicians

Our workers are highly qualified, since they have many years of experience in the sector and are in constant training so that we can get the most out of each tool or material that we have.

In addition, we have an agreement with the Pejoan School for continuous training and always at the forefront of new techniques.

Our way of working

We will make a summary of how we work within the dental laboratory: Once we receive a job, it starts immediately in order to make the most of the time.

Whenever possible, the day it arrives is already scanned and designed to leave it milled that same day, so if there is an incident it can be detected immediately and thus we avoid wasting time, which is very valuable in this sector.

In case of incident, contact the doctor immediately to solve it quickly. Once milled and baked, it is sent to the clinic to do a structure test and if everything goes well, it is started to finish the piece.

Objective of the Pejoan Laboratory

Our main objective is to meet the needs of our clients in the best possible way.

We are constantly in contact with our doctors, clinics or laboratories to reach the desired goal in a more personalized way.

For this, we offer our clients our own production management website where our clients can check, add notes and photos or see what status their orders are in, making dialogue much easier.

You can find this website in catalan and spanish here, laboratori dental and laboratorio dental.